Uitbreiding team Gabriel

Hello everybody, I am Gabriele Prisco, I am from Italy. From the 1st of December I will join the Piazza Sports’ team as fitness trainer and I would like to introduce myself.

It was during the last years of playing football that our coaches used to bring us to the gym for indoor training, that I firstly entered the fitness world. It was love at first sight and I decided that this was the job I wanted to do.

So after my high school graduation I decided to study to become fitness instructor, and after that I started working in various gyms in Perugia, my hometown. At the same time I also kept developing my knowledge and skills: I took several courses masters and workshops, especially in the field of wellness, dietary advice for health and sport and postural techniques and exercises for the vertebral column and its diseases. I later continued my study to become Personal Trainer, and now here I am.

I decided to move to the Netherlands for personal reasons: my girlfriend is Dutch and after having visited her many times I decided this would be a really nice place to live and work in. The idea of doing my job in this country is very stimulating to me, and I found in Piazza Sport the right place to do that.

Aside from sports, in my free time I also love travelling, hiking, technology, reading and singing.

During all my years of work in this field I have seen how satisfying it is to help people to reach their goals and improve their quality of life, that’s why I love this job. Creating the right balance between a professional approach and a relationship of trust with my customers has given me the opportunity to get to know a lot of amazing people, many of whom are my friends now, so I really hope the same will happen with all of you.

Looking forward to meeting you all and to working together!



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Pascale de Groot

"'Bij Piazza Sports hangt een gezellige en gemoedelijke sfeer.'"

Pascale de Groot

"'Ik woon in Utrecht maar vind het zeker de moeite waard om drie keer per week naar Houten te rijden.'"

Laura Rosendaal